Fractional CLO for Growth-Stage Companies

This is the core service for Counsel & Clarity Legal, PLLC. The service delivers a Fractional Chief Legal Officer for growth-stage companies.





On Average, Clients Save 66%

over the cost of hiring a single Chief Legal Counsel

Financing available through LawPay + Affirm.

Standard Service Details:

1.  Fractional Chief Legal Officer (“CLO”) & Legal Concierge Service:

- Your dedicated legal executive, handling strategy and execution.

- Tailored legal oversight for growth-stage operations.

2. Semi-Annual Events, such as Workshops and Retreats:

- Exclusive events focusing on strategic growth planning, legal support development, legal operations development, resilience, and networking.

- Insights from industry experts specific to growth-stage legal issues.

3. Customized Legal Growth Blueprint:

- A specialized legal strategy tailored to your growth objectives.

- Legal guidance on scaling, mergers, acquisitions, compliance, and more.

4. Priority Legal Services:

- Expedited support for urgent legal matters, growth guidance, and more.

- Priority consultations and immediate assistance for critical matters.

5. Growth Content Library:

- Premium online resources, templates, and guides curated for growth-stage companies.

- Access to legal insights on expansion strategy, intellectual property, and more.

Bespoke Service Menu

(Choose Two at No Additional Cost):

Choose two (2) of these tailored services to integrate seamlessly with your Standard Services, adding even more value and customization to meet your unique needs.

Legal Guidance for Compliance:

  • Legal review and assessment of business current compliance practices.

  • Recommendations to strengthen regulatory adherence and avoid fines.

Intellectual Property Strategy:

  • Assessment of existing intellectual property ("IP") and identification of IP vulnerabilities.

  • Strategic advice on IP protection and monetization.

Strategic Labor Advisory:

  • Customized insight and guidance on topics such as AI, wage & hour laws, using independent contractors, and "DEI".

  • Strategic training to improve your approach to labor

Legal Operations Consulting:

  • Strategic Legal Counsel on a variety of business topics from transactions to operations.

  • Alignment of legal support with business goals, systems, and processes.

Data Privacy Guidance:

  • Insight and advice regarding data protection laws applicable to the business.

  • Strategy for GDPR, CCPA, or other relevant data privacy compliance.

Contract Review and Improvement:

  • Review and, if necessary, revision of key contracts and ancillary documents.

  • Includes agreements with vendors, customers, employees, and more!

Alternative Dispute Resolution:

  • Preventive Law training for your leadership team.

  • Negotiation and Mediation services for both internal and external disputes.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Guidance:

  • Legal consulting related to establishing or enhancing your CSR initiatives.

  • Legal insights and advice for CSR activities and potential impact assessments.

Business Expansion Advisory:

  • Consultation on entering new markets, addressing the legal complexities involved.

  • Compliance checklist for international business operations.

Not the right fit?

If our CLO package doesn't quite match your needs, don't worry. We're here to assist you with custom corporate law solutions as well. Please feel free to reach out for a custom quote or to discuss one-off legal projects.

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