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Counsel & Clarity™ is a firm that provides a unique blend of legal and leadership support to businesses and executives.

Our clients trust us to provide them with guidance from setback to comeback. Your resilience is our business.

Leadership Resilience

Prevent risks from becoming problems and rebound faster from inevitable reversals.

At Clarity & Counsel, we excel in safeguarding your business interests by anticipating and mitigating legal risks. Our preventive law approach allows us to identify potential challenges and provide personalized solutions, fostering your organization's success and peace of mind.

Our team also offers leadership resilience coaching, ensuring your organization rebounds from setbacks with confidence. Our tailored coaching sessions empower your leaders to turn reversals into growth opportunities. With Clarity & Counsel, prevent risks from escalating and bounce back stronger than ever.

Client success is no accident.

Our support cycle reinforces your team.

Our founder, Noel Bagwell, brings over a decade of experience as a trusted advisor to start-ups, growth-stage companies, executives, and investors. His expertise and insights form the foundation of a robust support cycle, enhancing high-performance leadership, legal support, and legal operations teams.

Clarity & Counsel™ offers leadership resilience coaching, legal services, and legal operations coaching. Many of our solutions complement, rather than replace, your existing legal counsel.

We tailor our support cycle to each client's unique needs, delivering individual or comprehensive solutions. Obtain the wise counsel and sharp insights necessary to transform your legal support relationships into profitable assets.

Providing Solutions for Your Future

Whether you're growing or you've suffered a reversal, we have the experience and insight needed to reach your goals.


Brilliantly Connected

Connect the dots like never before with powerful support teams united under a single brand for guidance from setback to comeback!


Profit from Legal™

Legal support should make your business not only more stable, efficient, and valuable, but more profitable, too! Transform legal from cost center to profit engine.


Rise Above™

Overcome any setback and reclaim peace amid crisis. Get trusted guidance to take you from setback to comeback with Rise Above™ leadership coaching.

Let's Improve the Quality of Leadership, Together

Join us in an important mission: improving the quality of leadership in every sphere of life. Our Founder's upcoming book, Lead Again: A Modern Guide to Resilience, is a lifeline for leaders facing setbacks, both personal and professional. Discover the tools to rise stronger.

Get Trusted Guidance from Setback to Comeback

Become a Vital Part of Our Resilient Leadership Community

Receive Exclusive Updates, Offers, and Empowering Insights

Practical Solutions

to Lift You Higher

At Counsel & Clarity,™ we believe in the power of practical solutions to help you reach new heights. Our expert guidance is tailored to your unique needs, combining years of experience with real-world application.

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to empowering you with effective strategies and reliable advice. From leadership development to legal consulting, we're here to help you navigate your challenges and create lasting success.

Take the first step towards reaching your goals. Connect with us today and unlock the full potential of your personal and professional journey.

Praise for Our Noel's Work

This is what people have said about working with us.

Ian Hendry

Noel gave a very prompt response to my inquiry. Very professional and approachable. He took the time to understand my business and the areas where I needed extra support to keep my company thriving. I recommend Noel for anyone searching for the right answer.

Karsten Ferguson

... I fully recommend doing business with Noel ... he is very straightforward and loves what he does while seeing others succeed. I'm happy that he has helped me ... and continues to provide me with knowledge and guidance. It is more than my honor to write this ...

Ryan Deeds

Noel is the consummate professional. He is a very detailed oriented attorney that truly cares about his clients best interests. He has been able to help advise me on many different aspects of business and personal legal affairs. He is very personable and his passion ...

Tom Herman

... In addition to being a strategic, creative problem solver, I have come to know [Noel] as a wonderful, caring person. It's actually a pleasure working with him (I've never said that about an attorney before). I truly feel more confident as a business owner with Noel on my team.

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